Tangier 2 days from Spain

Travel to Tánger 2 days from Tarifa

Discover Morocco through the beautiful city of  Tangier on this two-day tour for only € 139 (minimum 2 people)! Call us +34 954 224 241

travel to tangier

Do not miss out on the wonderful Tangiers with this two day trip to Morocco. You will visit the Cape Espartel where in certain occasions you can enjoy the union between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Nor will you miss the great Kasbah Museum on this two-day trip to Tangier.

It has a local guide who will accompany you in these activities.

Final price per person

139 €

Price per person
(In double room)

Itinerary for Trips Tánger 2 days 

First day Tarifa-Tangier with night in Tangier

  • One hour before the departure of the ferry, presentation at the port of Tarifa, to withdraw the boarding passes
  •  You can choose these departure times: 9.00, 11.00, 13.00
  •  Departure from the Fast Ferry to Tangiers, do not forget to seal your passports during the journey before arriving in Tangier
  •  When we reach the port of Tangier, we will receive the Moroccan guide, who will assist us on arrival and will be waiting for you at the port with a sign with your name
  •  We will make a panoramic visit of the city, including a stop for camel riding and passing by the palaces of the sheikhs and Arab kings, the Cape Espartel, where on certain occasions we can enjoy the fantastic view of the union between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sea Mediterranean.
  •  We will continue along the Atlantic to visit the caves of Hercules, 14 kilometers from Tangier. It is a very curious place, with a significant archeology. Legend has it that in these caves was where Hercules rested after reaching the 12 tasks that were entrusted to him.
  •  We will continue our guided tour of Tangier by walking towards the Museum of the Kasbah. The imposing silhouette of Dar el Makhzen dominates the kasbah of Tangier. This former governor's palace, built in the 17th century, stands around a splendid courtyard adorned with enameled porcelain. The Museum of Moroccan Arts is housed in the princely rooms, which honor its name with its painted wooden ceilings, sculpted plaster, mosaics ... Everything there invites to admiration. All the regions of Morocco have enclosed between These walls its best ambassadors.
  • Afterwards, we will continue our tour of the medina of Tangiers where we will visit the souks and the square of 9 de Abril.
  • Free time
  • At the agreed time, arrival at the hotel and check-in
  • Rest of the day freeAccommodation at the hotel

Second day Tangier free time and return to Tarifa

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  •  Free day in Tangier
  • Departure from the Fast Ferry to Tarifa
  • Departure times from Feryy from Tangier to Tarifa: 14.00 18.00
  • End of services
  • Fast-Ferry Tangier fare round trip
  • Port charges
  • Guided tour of Tangier in private with local guide and transportation
  • Transport for the visit and for the transfer to the port the second day of the trip to Tangier
  • 1 night in Hotel Kenzi Solazur 4 * on bed and breakfast basis.
  • Assistance insurance or cancellation fees, you can hire an optional if you wish, ask for price
  •   Summer supplement, July, August and September € 10 per person per night
  •   Supplement for an extra night at the Hotel Kenzi Solazur, 35 €
  •   Everything that is not specified ne "price includes"

Upcoming departures

  • Daily departures


It is obligatory to carry the passport travel in force and with an expiration date of more than 6 months. The organizing agency does not assume responsibility and will not refund any amount because the client does not comply with this requirement.

In the crossing of the ship on the way, as soon as you enter the ship, you must look for the police counter where the passports are sealed with the entrance to Morocco. It is very important that you seal the passport during the crossing because if it is not sealed they will not let you leave the fast ferry.

There is a free shuttle bus that leaves from the port of Algeciras to the port of Tarifa an hour and a half before. Also for the return there is a free shuttle service.

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