Tips for traveling to Morocco

Tips for travelling to Morocco

  • The first thing to do is go to a bank and exchange currency. I do not mean to exchange euros for dirhams, but changing dirhams in small coins. If possible 1 Dh, that you see in many situations committed to tipping and if you do not change ultimately going to take over the account. Note that like it or not there is poverty in Morocco, no social services such as those known in Europe and many people asked to eat. If you spread the money in small coins you will better track of your donations.
  • If you're male and you are introduced to a woman, shake hands. If you try to kiss put the woman in distress and you will face.
  • If you have to ask a question and you're male, best Just ask another male, is not well seen target women and if you have a partner you can liar.
  • If you are invited to a Moroccan house, do not step on the carpet with shoes. Better take them off.
  • Antibiotics are expensive compared to Spain, you never know but maybe a box of amoxicillin may come in handy carry it, if you do not use can regarlarla someone who takes.
  • The average price in Morocco is 200 dhs (about 20 €) while in Spain costs 4 €.
  • Carísismo alcohol is for wound healing.
  • If you buy something that comes wrapped or packaged, open the box and check its contents forever. If you do not have very crude after claiming.
  • It is best to leave your dog in your country. Traveling with dogs Morocco is a can that is considered an unclean animal that chases away the angels. If a Muslim touches a dog it will have to wash and change clothes and pray before entering the mosque so you can imagine the grace that makes them go with a dog in the street.
  • If you for a cop on the road, you have to be humble, to say that you had not seen the sign that you're not going to re-do ... really mourn. If you do it with lots of art and give a tip of 50 dh fined not you've done your role as victim of the situation

Basic Vocabulary:

  • Do you speak English? If e responds a little, that means he has no clue.
  • How long? If you respond now, means 15 minutes, half hour means one one hour means half past two.