Medicines and vaccines for a travel in Morocco

Medicines and vaccines for a travel in Morocco

No vaccine or antimalarial treatment to travelers from Europe are required.
Some precautions: Avoid water from rivers. Drink bottled mineral water.

Medical care for foreigners is not free. We recommend that you travel with a good safe and basic.

We recommend that you take out travel assistance insurance.

Moroccan food, water and bacteria cause gastroenteritis for some people, not to all.

The symptoms are always the same: stomach aches, distemper and sometimes high fever, diarrhea and even vomiting in some cases.

After many years of travel in this country, I see that this happens only occasionally but I'm not worried and rarely sick. I think it is interesting to see what doctors usually prescribe to help those two or three days of illness. 

Notice we are not doctors and we are not responsible for the use of these drugs. They should always be prescribed by a doctor.

For bellyache: Buscapina

To counteract diarrhea: Sueroral, mix it with water according prospectus. It is recommended not to take anything against diarrhea, but if the thing is very serious: salvacolina or Tanagel.

For fever: acetaminophen 500 mg

For vomiting: Primperam

If you do not bring there, you can buy at the pharmacy in Morocco equivalent to each listed here.

Finally bland diet of white rice, omelets, soups with vegetables and grilled chicken. Shish kebabs nothing but tempt.