Asilah - 2 days - Hotel Zelis

Travel to Asilah - 2 days in Hotel Zellis. Daily Departures. 

Trip to the Hotel Zellis in Asilah - 2 days. We offer transportation and ferry from Tarifa, included in the price ( 2 person minimum). Call us for more information at  954 224 241!


Asilah welcomes, with great kindness and enthusiasm, the toursim that is lost in its streets and in its small kasbah. Here you can find and enjoy good seafood and fresh fish at great prices. Although it is a small town, Asilah's history has been very hectic and interesting.  Its medina , which is easily manageable for tourists,  is extremely clean and well maintained. It is surrounded by walls flanked by palm trees. It is one of the most attractive medinas in the country. 

Strolling through its streets painted white, indigo blue, and emerald green is a wonder in itself.  

The beaches of Ailah are extremely captivating. Here, you can find camels who love to walk on the beaches. There is also a hotel pool, fair attractions, etc... It is the ideal place to relax and forget all stress. The sunsets that fall above the sea are unmatched. 


Offer: Hotel Zellis, ferry and transportation included.

Final price per person

145 €

Price per person
(In double room)

People in the group Price per person (*)
2 145€
3 135€
4 125€

* For groups of more than 4 people, consult on of our agents. Call us at +34 617 415 388.

Program - 2 days in Hotel Zellis


  • Presentation in the port of Tarifa and pick-up of boarding passes. 
  • Departure on the Fast Ferry towards Tarifa 
  • Arrival in Tangier and meet with the driver that will be there waitng for us with a sign 
  • Transportation and stay in Asilah 
  • Arrival at the Hotel Zellis and distribution of hotel rooms. 
  • Free time 


  • Breakfast at the hotel 
  • Free time 
  • Transportation by taxi to the Port of Tangier 
  • Embark on the fast ferry towards Tarifa. 
  • Llegada a Tarifa y fin de nuestros servicios.
  • Arrival in Tarifa and end of our services. 
  • Fast Ferry Tarifa-Tagnier (round-trip) 
  • Grand Taxi for transportation 
  • 1 night in Asilah in bed and breakfast, The Hotel Zelis 3*
  • Local hotel fees and taxes 
  • Management expenses 15 €
  • Insurance for assistance or cancellation fees. We inform you that you can purchase this additionally upon consulting us. 
  • Supplement high season, July and August (consult for price)
  • Discount for children up to 12 years old, 15% off of the final price, sharing room with parents/guardians.
  • Supplement single-room (consult for price)
  • Supplement - New Year's (consult for price)
  • Anything not specified in "Price Includes"

Upcoming departures

  • Daily departures


Passport must be carried on the trip in force and with an expiration date of more than 6 months. The organizing agency assumes no responsisbility and will not return any amount for client's noncompliance with this requirement. 

On the ferry's jounrey, as soon as you enter the boat, you must look for the poice desk where the passports are sealed and stamped for entrance to Morocco. It is very important that ou do this during the trip because if you do not, you will be unable to exit the ferry. 

There is a high season surcharge during the months of July and August.

Minimum 2 persons.

If you would like a longer stay in Asilah at the Hotel Zelis, you may be interested in one of our 3-day trips to Asilah

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