Excursion to Tangier - 1 day trip from Spain

Day trip to  Tangier  , Morocco from Tarifa , Spain for only 95 €

Europeans citizens with an ID card can travel to Morocco on this excursion.



Excursion to Morocco

Visit Tangier  from Tarifa and discover this beautiful city. Get a taste of the Moroccan culture with this day trip to Tangier  for only  89 €.

Located in North Africa and only 9 miles away from Tarifa through the strait of Gibraltar. A visit to Tangier includes exotic cuisine, regal camels, and beach sunsets. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit Tangier and discover authentic Moroccan culture! Tangier has everything to offer! Visit the big and small souk, the Alcazaba, the mosques, the Medina,..And treat yourself to the local moroccan gastronomy.

There is much to see in Morocco but with this day trip to Tangier, you will have the chance to discover the history of this culturally rich city and some of the Moroccan way of life . This is an authentic experience you can not miss out on, sign up for this day trip to Tangier today!

Final price per person

99 €

Price per person

Itinerary for Day excursion to Morocco from Spain

  • Presentation at the Maritime Station 60 minutes before departure in Fast-Ferry to Tangier.
  • Departure 12.00 hours from Tarifa.
  • Arrival in Tangier and attention by our guides.
  • Start the excursion in buses with local guide, visit of the exteriors arriving at the Caves of Hercules, place where you will be able to witness the union of the Atlantic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Free time for the optional entrance to the Caves and for photos, camel riding, etc.
  • Return to the city centre, following the visit on foot through the Kasbah where we will make a stop at the Sultan's Palace with an optional entrance, we will be able to see the Snake Charmer and witness the wonderful views of the Strait of Gibraltar, we will continue walking through the Medina passing by the Gardens of La Mandubia.
  • Arrival at the Restaurant for the Typical Lunch (Harira, Cous-Cous, brochette, Green Tea and Pasta)
  • Free time in the souk.
  • Return to the port for the scheduled departure to Tarifa.
  • 19.00 Hours, departure of the fast ferry to Tarifa.
  • Arrival in Tarifa.
  • End of services.





  • Express ferry tickets from Tarifa to Tangier and back to Tarifa (Ferry durates 35 minutes).
  • Private transportation during the visit.
  • A Local tour guide.
  • Moroccan lunch in a local restaurant (vegetarian meals are available).
  • Free time to explore Tangier before your return!
  • Fees, 9 €
  • Insurance cancellation fees (available for purchase)
  • Camel rides, entrance to the Sultan Palace and Hercules Caves, Optional
  • Beverages: must be paid for directly to the waiters.
  • Discount for children under 12 years, 5 €
  • All that is not specified in price included

Upcoming departures

  • Daily departures


It is mandatory to bring a valid passport with an expiration date of more than 6 months with you. The organising agency assumes no responsibility and will not refund any amount for any failure of the client to comply with this requirement.  NOTE: IMPORTANT CITIZENS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION IF THEY CAN ALSO TRAVEL WITH A VALID ID CARD, PLEASE CONTACT US

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