Excursion to Tangier from Malaga and Costa del Sol - 1 day

Day trip to Tangier from Malaga & Costa del Sol.

With our day trip excursion to Tangier from Malaga, discover in one day one of the most known cities in Morocco with no needs to move to Tarifa or Algeciras. 

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Tangier is a city full of history and interesting places to visit! Are you going to loose the oportunity to visit Tangier departuring from Malaga for only 75 €??

Discover Tangier by the hand of our experienced tour guides and discover the Moroccan gastronomy. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit this North African city and discover the Arabian culture! It will be an experience that you will never forget! A day trip to Tangier from Malaga is a perfect oportunity to discover Morocco and enjoy a wonderful day off!


CITY                                  DEPARTURE           ARRIVAL

Málaga                         06:00                        20:30
Torremolinos           06:20                        20:00
Benalmadena          06:40                        19:40
Fuengirola                 07:00                        19:00
Mijas Costa              07:15                         18:45
Marbella                    07:30                         18:30
Estepona                   08:00                         18:00

Visit Tangier from Costa del Sol or Málaga is an experience that will show you a little bit of what Morocco can show you!

Final price per person

75 €

Price per person

  • Bus pick up with a company assistant (Spanish, English, French and Italian spoken) in Malaga and different places along "La Costa del Sol".
  • Arrival at the port. Boarding on the fast ferry to cross the strait of Gibraltar.
  • After crossing the security line, a tour guide and a local bus will welcome you to start the panoramic visit of Tangier.
  • In our way to the kasbah (the old walled city) we will stop for a short camel ride. (if you are interested in doing this, the price is aprox. 2 €) After that, we will visit the kasbah, the medina (old town) and the souk (typical local market) you will finish your visit with a typical moroccan lunch in a local restaurant (meal included, beverage not included)
  • During our way back we will do a quick stop at the bazaar in case that you want to buy a souvenir or something else.
  • Transfer to the port, boarding to Tarifa and way back to "La Costa del Sol".
  • Transport by private coach from Málaga.
  • Accompanying guide for the excursion to Morocco from the Costa del Sol
  • Ferry tickets Tarifa - Tangier - Tarifa (35 minutes).
  • Private transportation for the visit.
  • Local guide for visits in Tangier.
  • Moroccan lunch in a local restaurant (vegetarian meals are available)
  • Management costs, 9 €
  • Cancellation insurance fees (available for purchase)
  • Camel rides cost around 1-2 €.
  • Beverages in the restaurant must be paid for directly to the waiters
  • Anything not specified in "price includes".

Upcoming departures

  • Daily departures


It is obligatory to carry the passport travel in force and with an expiration date of more than 6 months. The organizing agency does not assume responsibility and will not refund the amount that the client does not comply with this requirement.

In the crossing of the ship on the way, as soon as you enter the ship you should look for the police counter where the passports are sealed with the entrance to Morocco. It is very important that you seal the passport during the crossing because if it is not sealed they will not let you leave the fast ferry.

Departures on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

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