Moroccan Gastronomy

Moroccan Gastronomy 

Moroccan cuisine is varied and adapts to the geographical area in which desarrolla.Aquí have some of the most typical dishes:


Kebabs, made with ground beef seasoned with spices. Also known by the name of kefta. Authentic made with camel meat. Although they are dificles eating, you can buy the meat and ask someone to take the cook.


It is the most versatile dish, then cook it with almost anything: chicken, lamb, vegetables, fish, plums .... This dish is called clay pot in which it is prepared. has a cone-shaped lid which closes almost hermetically.


It's like a kind of tajine but with semolina that is what gives it its name.


It is the most popular dish of Morocco and let the couscous in the background. It consists of whole lamb roasted on the grill, simple but exquisite to the palate.


The favorite dish, but not in all restaurants as it requires a lot of preparation. First you fill pigeons and cook, then the meat on pastry sheets extends, saffron, almonds and sugar is added and placed in the oven. She is the queen of Moroccan cuisine.


Very tasty thick soup made with lentils, onions, lamb, lemon and tomato. It is served throughout the year in restaurants, although it is one of the traditional dishes for dinner Ramadan


Lamb, beef, heart or liver. Very similar to the brochettes though served with bread as a snack. As you prefer you can order "to the point" underdone or "bien cuit" well done


It is very common in Moroccan table. There may be roasted on a mountain of couscous or stew in a thousand ways: lemon, almond, with prunes, etc.


Canned with a very spicy tomato sauce


Nougat with fresh butter.
Jams that mix cantariste and ras el hanout almond, walnut and honey butter


It is a religious symbol in Morocco's why you should ask just what you are going to eat and avoiding leaving half-eaten pieces.


Abound oranges, which are highly coveted and very good, especially the juice thereof which can be taken anywhere at a bargain price.


The will see everywhere although there are different qualities and two classes: deghet (fingers of light) and Ghars are the best. The first is exported. Good time to buy fresh dates is the end of August and first of September for ghar, and October for the deghet