Private excursion to Asilah from Tarifa - 1 day

1-Day Excursion to Asilah Departing from Tarifa.

Discover Asilah from Tarifa .


Asilah is a small coastal town just an hour away from Tangier. Its medina is easily manageable and you will be able to explore and shop handmaid crafts and other goods. In Asilah, there is good fish ad seafood that is available for great prices. Also, almost all of its  inhabitants speak Spanish. Do not miss this amazing opportunity for a day-trip to Morocco.

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Final price per person

119 €

Price per person

People in the group Price per person (*)
2 119€
3 109€
4 99€
5 95€
6 89€

* Special prices for groups.

1 day trip: Tarifa - Tánger - Asilah - Tánger - Tarifa

  • Presentation at the port of Tarifa and pick-up of boarding passes. 
  • Fast ferry departure towards Tangier. We reind you to have your passsport checked and stamped during the boyage, inside the boat. Please ask the boat staff for the location  of the police desk. 
  • When you arrive at the port of Tangier, you will be greeted by our Spanish-speaking chaueffer, who will be holding a sign labeled with your name. 
  • Depart for our excursion to Asilah, which is also known as the Pearl of The Atlantic. It is a 1 hour drive from Tangier. It is a very beautiful city, with Portuguese influence from the past, and a very well-kepy medina. Its people are friendly and mostly speak spanish. Asilah has numerous craft shops where you can find the most amazing things at great prcies. 
  • It is a city of poets and painters, and also houses the birht placeof Raissuli, a hero or villian according to who tells the story. Situated along the sea, Asilah is a peaceful place where you can see unforgettable views of the ocean and Moroccan coastlines. 
  • Return to Tanger port 2 hours before ferry departure.
  • Departure on the fast ferrry towards Tarifa
  • Arrival to Tarifa 
  • End of our services for the excursion
  • Fast Ferry from Tarifa to Tangier (round-trip)
  • Transportation in Morocco.
  • Management expenses,  9 €
  • Lunch, in Asilah. There are many wonderful seafood restaurants to eat at.  
  • Travel and Cancellation insurance, we can provide you if you wish (available for purchase).
  • Travel insurance, we can provide you if you wish (available for purchase).
  • Anything not specified in "Price Includes" 

Upcoming departures

  • Daily departures


Valid passport is required to make this trip, and should also have an expiration date of more than 6 months. The organizing agency assumes no responsibility and will not return any amount for noncompliance with this request. 

During the ferry's trip, upon entering the boat, you must look for the police desk where they stamp and seal passports. It is important that you do this immediately, because if you do not have your passport sealed, they will not allow you to exit the ferry, or enter into Morocco. 

Minimum 2 persons

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