Bargain in Morocco

Bargain in Morocco

The best way to ruin the day for a Moroccan is to accept the first price you ask for something you're shopping. If you do well by the worst morning, it sure takes all day flagellating mentally thinking how you could have gotten more.

Moroccan handycraft

Haggling is a fundamental and everyday part of Moroccan life, it is used mainly in the souks and shops but also a pact rates and haggle in taxis before you get on them and not the end of the race.

I never ride in a grand taxi without knowing how much it will cost in advance, the initial price you ask the driver is negotiable

If you do not want to travel to Morocco "amargándole" life to anyone who will buy something, you better bargain. It is part of the culture and they are. In fact there is an idiom, a verb, that the Castilian equivalent to "have given me ..."
Useful tips for haggling in Morocco ARTESANIA MARROQUI
Try to discuss the price of an item on which you are not interested, do the magician you go to the store and when I called the dealer will say it's very expensive and ask for something else that is what you truly care about. Sure you will give a very reasonable price for you just see that almost lost a sale.

Never put your final price. The merchant will ask you how much you pay for and if you say your price and merchant accepts, you think you've screwed up the neck, then right is pay what you offered. So bite your tongue and when I tell him how much you give me your answer to how you sell it. It's that easy. If it's any consolation I screwed up many times before I realized this.

Do not hurry once started haggling; You have to taste it and tomártelo full of art and charm, but when you go in group time is limited

Do not take things seriously, it is better to joke with the owner of the store and use the few Arabic expressions you know, say you have to act like in theaters.

Before you know should buy a round for other stores to compare prices and quality
Decide first to terms're willing to pay for an item, but do not tell the merchant.

Beware of flattery and special discounts, as they are a diversionary tactic. In particular do much when you're with kids as they play with them and say you have the most beautiful girl in the world.
Moroccan handycraft

Although you have been invited to tea and then teach Arabian carpets and pots are not obligated to buy if you are not interested in the offer, although education try to stop them work for nothing.

Do not enter into a bargain to end the seller will accept the price you propose if you're not really buying. It is very offensive and inconsiderate sag with an "I do not care" when one has priced. Best not enter.
Always try directly with the shop owner and avoid intermediaries, it is very common for someone to tell you that your father has a store of something you're looking for. It is a lie and are never family business. One must understand that false guides are to earn a few extra dirhams with tourists, but it is also true that abuse and if you go to the store alone is much mejor. ARTESANIA MARROQUI

If you're traveling in a group, you will not see the guides commissions stores. On the one hand these stores are more expensive because part of what you pay for not going to the store but the guides, but also offer a guarantee that if you buy something and you notice that is messed up or change your mind you descambian Cart without discussion and your money back.

It is important not to be ashamed when haggling. 
In short, if you go to stores with an organized group you have to haggle to the fullest.

It is mandatory, Divide by 10 without a hair cut, the initial price to start the game. Let the final price the seller never put you. Do not be surprised if you ask an awful lot in the stores, do it to provoke, but you can get good prices with patience and mischief.