Personal hygiene and public bathrooms in Morocco

Personal hygiene and public bathrooms in Morocco

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Unless you go to luxury hotels, and this is true for some "5 stars", I suggest you bring your own bottle of shampoo and bath gel. However you can also buy in any store or conveninecia Bakalito.

In many hotels all they offer you is the typical white bar of soap, and you have to bring all, shampoo, gel and hand soap.

The same goes for the toilet paper. Not that scarce, but you get  pink paper rolls that look like they are made with newspaper.

We also recommend bringing your hairdryer, luxury hotels have them, but most lack this service (they spend lots of light ...) 

Some of the baby wipes will come in handy for after every meal and when you have to use public toilets.
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If you look at the need to use a public restroom will surely be surprised at what you see, that does not happen check out the photo opposite.

So are most of toilets in bars. In fact there are bars without toilets, the photo is an especially clean bar Chefchaouen. Outside you will find the sink with towel and a bar of green soap. Please fill the bucket of water and pour it into the hole when finished.