Fast Ferries to travel to Morocco between Tarifa and Tangier


We always have special offers for fast ferry Tarifa Tangier, we work with several fast ferry companies and we always look for the best offer of the moment for you.

Intershipping and FRS companies operate the Tarifa - Tangier line. On this page you have the schedules (note that they can change without previous notice).

The fast ferry crossing Tarifa - Tangier lasts less than one hour. Officially they announce 35 minutes, but between they leave and enter ports reaches almost the hour.

Fast Ferry Timetable Tarifa Tangier Company FRS

Rate Departure HoursDeparture Times of Tangier
09:00 08:00
11:00 10:00
13:00 12:00
15:00 13:00
17:00 14:00
19:00 18:00
21:00 20:00

Hours Fast Ferry Tarifa Tangier Company INTERSHIPPING

Rate Departure HoursDeparture Times of Tangier
08:00 07:00
10:00 09:00
12:00 11:00
14:00 13:00
16:00 15:00
18:00 17:00
22:00 19:00

At the time of making the request you will be asked for the passport details of each traveler, if you do not have them manually mark an x ​​in the required data and you will be able to contribute the data later.

Travel to Tangier from Tarifa 3 days for only € 75, includes the fast ferry and two nights at the Continental Hotel on a bed and breakfast basis.