Information about Zagora

Zagora, a Moroccan city in the great south of Morocco, which we reach after miles and miles of the immense palm groves that abound in the Draa valley. Zagora. It is located between the limits of the palm groves of Ternata and Ferzuata. At the foot of the rocky mountain are ruins of a 13th-century Almoravid fortress. Zagora is the biggest city of that region and has a population of about 20,000 inhabitants and is the administrative center of the region.

The city itself has no special interest, if perhaps the atmosphere at sunset on the main strip is spectacular from how lively the walk is. Of that area were the Saadíes that in the sixteenth century left for the conquest of the Valley of Sus, and later of all Maruecos.

In many kilometers of is the largest city of the region. It is located in a beautiful area, with a spectacular mountain backdrop. One of the most coveted souvenirs is the photograph that shows the poster, Tombuctu to 52 days in camel.

What to do

  • It has souks on Sundays and Wednesdays, really impressing to see how they work.
  • Visiting the library of Tamegroute, 20 kilometers south of Zagora, which is located in a famous Ksar and which houses ancient religious manuscripts, some of these manuscripts date from the thirteenth century, written on gazelle skin, which are preserved in perfect condition, some Of them come from the mosque of Cordoba.
  • Zagora is also a starting point for camel trekking through the desert from one to twenty days of crossing, crossing the dunes and the vastness of the Sahara desert.

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