Travel to Marrakech 4 days from Tarifa


Discover Morocco on a 4 day trip.

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Like the people in the Mediterranean area, the life of this city revolves around its most famous square: Djemaa el Fna. You will discover how spectacular this place is during the day, with acrobats, snake charmers, henna tattoo artists, street dentists, water carriers, as well as their freshly squeezed orange juice. You can buy almost anything in the many stalls that are in the square.

At dusk, the experience of hearing the chants from the mosques can be described as magical. You will see how the atmosphere in the evening changes , when the restaurants, magicians, and  fortune tellers open up. Even if the name of the Plaza (Plaza of the Dead) has a chilling origin, they exposed the heads of the executed. Today is the best place to fee the story from the Arabian nights.

Marrakech, the pearl of the south or the red city, as you call it, is heir to the Andalusian artisanal tradition. Many of their palaces and mosques were built in the eleventh century with riches given to the Sultan Yusuf bin Tachfin, first, and brought his son Ali Al Andalus, making it the capital of Morocco, to 1269.

Today, tours in Marrakech, Morocco's key-destination are inspiring Oriental dreams, thanks to its wonderful Riads, palaces, baths, gardens and shops of the world's leading brands. A luxury destination that everyone should know.

Final price per person

269 €

Price per person
(In double room)



  • Meeting at the port of Tarifa and delivery of boarding passes.
  • Check out the fast ferry to Tangier. From the deck of the ship appear in all its splendor profile of the hills of the city, dominated by two high towers: the Mosque of Mohammed V and the Spanish cathedral. In the background, the murmur of the waves, the sound of the muezzin calling to prayer guess, and that's when we feel we have reached our destination, Morocco: the land of the senses.
  • Departure to Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco and economic capital of the kingdom, is located on the Atlantic coast south of the capital Rabat. It is the most populous city in the country with nearly 6 million. Here we can admire the Hassan II Mosque, designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau, was opened in 1993 after 22 years of work, this mosque is the highest in the Arab world, the lights of its minaret, 200 feet high, can be seen from several kilometers away, and is the second largest after the mosque of Mecca. This architectural masterpiece features the latest technologies such as earthquake resistance, which opens automatically roof, floor heating and electric gates. It is one of the few mosques in the Muslim world that gives access to non-Muslim tourists. (Entrance not included)
  • Free lunch.
  • We will continue our journey to Marrakech, the red pearl of southern Morocco.
  • Check in hotel, dinner in the hotel rooms and sharing.


  • Breakfast at hotel
  • We started our visit in Marrakech with outer visit the Koutoubia, the twin sister of the Giralda tower of Seville and Menara Gardens. Then continue to the Bahia Palace and, the exterior of the Mosque of the Kasbah. Finish the day in Jmaa el Fna Square.
  • Lunch at the hotel.
  • Afternoon free
  • Free dinner. We recommend enjoying Jmaa el Fna Square at night to check on your own experience how it changes the feel of the place.
  • However you will also be offered as an optional dinner show renowned Chez Ali Fantasia, representing different tribes in Morocco and its equestrian traditions.


  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Today we will make an excursion to the Valley of Ourika, entry route to the Grand Atlas consists of a green valley, very fertile and located an hour's drive south of Marrakech where picturesque Berber villages clinging to steep slopes on a precipitate mountain torrent.
  • In summer, the cold of the mountains mark a welcome contrast with the intense heat of Marrakech (so the valley is very crowded during the summer weekends), while in winter, the snow-capped Atlas Mountains provide a truly awesome sight.
  • Return to hotel
  • Dinner and overnight at the hotel


  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Early departure to Rabat, the capital of the Kingdom, located on the Atlantic coast in the south shore mouth of Bouregreg River, which separates it from the neighboring city of Salé. Its foundation dates back to s. II. C. archaeological remains of which still remain in a settlement known as Chellah.
  • In 1195, during the Almohad dynasty, Yaqub al-Mansur projected the construction of a large city spread over more than four acres, surrounded by imposing walls and fortifications with five large doors. It had to be a large mosque with four columns to outperform the Giralda in Seville and the Koutoubia in Marrakesh, but the works were stopped after his death in 1199. From it has only survived the minaret called Torre Hasan 44 meters, twenty less than initially projected.
  • Lunch on route.
  • First port of Tangier and boarding Tarifa
  • Check out the fast ferry to Tarifa
  • Arrival in Tarifa
  • End of our services
  • Fast Ferry Tarifa - Tangier - Tarifa
  • Private transportation for the entire circuit to Marrakech from Tarifa
  • Attendance at the Port of Tarifa
  • 3 nights in Marrakech hotel MERIEM 4 * half board
  • Check all the monuments of payment mentioned in this program
  • Tour guide
  • Local guides in the cities visited
  • Safe travel assistance
  • Management expenses, 15 €
  • port taxes
  • Insurance cancellation fees , please note that you may purchase an optional one, contact us for that 
  • Dinner drinks and / or lunch
  • Everything that is not specified in Price includes
  • Discount for children up to 12 years 15 % of the final price when sharing room with parents. Not combinable with other discounts or promotions.
  • Single room supplement € 60

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It is mandatory to bring your passport with the expiry date of  at least 6 months!


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