Drive the car and bring the car to Morocco

Drive the car and bring the car to Morocco

Driving in Morocco is an exciting adventure. An exercise for the development of the five senses and especially to learn to be very careful and concentrate, because in the most unexpected moment you can find anything you want to imagine the carretera.Conducir in Morocco

There are people everywhere, shepherds with their flocks of sheep, tricliclos loaded with people, trucks 50s, mopeds, overturned cranes, trucks dropping butane cylinders, people anticipating that forces you to move the shoulder, watching pedestrians crossing to the other side of the road as if you had not seen ... and after saving all those obstacles you can jump a policeman in the middle of the highway, risking their lives, forcing you to stop with radar in hand. Or without the sometimes till your watchful eye so you say you were going faster account. After one tomavistas teach you and tell you you were going very fast and fine singing. Then you have to be very polite, but negotiating a compromise ...

In order to recommend it to anyone who likes adventure.

Roundabouts are of two types, those with signs roundabout and those without. The first is the preference which is within the roundabout; in the latter takes precedence which comes from the right. At first it is a little confusing, but ultimately it is always wise to look at the mirror before braking, that can have a horseman galloping behind you if you brake suddenly happens to you with the horse over the car.

The priority is relative and our advice is do you walk with care and caution extremes.

If you plan to take your private vehicle to Morocco recalls that all the original documentation. Not worth the certified copies.

If the vehicle is not in your name, then you need written authorization holder sealed by a bank, this last detail is essential if queires be buzzed.

If the holder is a company, then you need a company seal and other bank in the autorzación in Morocco seals are critical.

Please ask your insurer Green Card. If not you take on the border you seráConducir Morocco denied entry and to continue the trip is obliged to hire a certain border, which certainly are not anything cheap.

Travelling in Morocco without wearing a Green Card is like driving without insurance, being subject to the laws that sanction in this country uninsured driving, besides having personally liable for damages if an accident causes traffic.

The average price of the shipment of the car is around € 75 each way (only car)
Conducir Marruecos

Diesel busting bombs injection cars because it is adulterated with water and other harmful elements for your engine, although it is much cheaper than in Spain, if your car is fuel injected end up regretting having tucked in Morocco.

If you had an accident and had to leave the country, the border police will not let you do it if you do not take your car with you. You can only leave the country if your car has previously been deposited in a garage customs.

If you have an accident and is guilty the other you can take forever to charge, I met one carrying eleven years to collect a indemización.

If there is time in the narrow and cut the line rate, perhaps it is best that you stay two or three days in Tangier with your car. Because it may happen that the temporal, in the hold of the slow ferry and a heavy sea, a truck or other vehicle to burst your car and I can assure you from personal experience the assistance from the shipping is zero. And cche you leave it literally busted

In case of failure, it is good to know that there are mechanical everywhere and they are cheap, but not so with the parts of cars. You may have to wait some time until you get a piece that is broken. Note that what is most abundant in Morocco are the following brands: Citroen, Renault, Peugeot and Mercedes. Other exist, but there is plenty of spare parts so if your car is not one of the brands we have said before, have enConducir in Morocco that can have problems spare parts.

There radars strategically located everywhere that make you stop every few kilometers gendarmerie for pasta or you pay the fine. Know that the maximum fine is € 40 in Morocco, not to give it to you another story.
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I think the three reasons given will help you decide whether you worth paying € 150 for boarding your car or better to pay more for one of rental and travel with peace of mind that if there are problems on the road, you will not annoy the holidays.
THE gorillas And guardacoches
In Morocco there are everywhere, should not worry even if they have bad pint and a small expense that must be assumed to help others.

You must not wonder if extrañaros if you want me to wash the car, even if it appears to be clean. What if you ought to do is not leave the key.

What do you charge?

2 dirhams (0.20 €) if'll leave the car for a while.
10 dirhams (€ 1) per half-day of 12 hours.
15 dirhams (1.5 €) per wash.
From here you can take what you want.