How to get to Morocco

How to get to Morocco

 The most authentic and like they did in 711 boat is crossing the Strait of Gibraltar. You can embark on Tarifa and Algeciras. The fastest crossing is the linking Tarifa and Tangier and 35 minutes in good weather and cruise; for those who do not prefer a cruise on too long ship is the best choice. It is true that rarely are punctual ferries.

The biggest advantage of Algeciras is that it has more daily departures, both Tangier and Ceuta. Another advantage is that while the ferries to Tarifa are the first canceled when no lift, keep coming even from Algeciras to Ceuta fast. Also combinations public bus to Algeciras are greater than to Tarifa.

  • Fast Ferry Tarifa - Tangier: 35 min.
  • Fast Ferry Algeciras - Tangier 70 min.
  • Ferry Algeciras Tangier: 3 hrs.
  • Ferry to Ceuta 1 hour.
  • Fast Ferry to Ceuta 35 min.

If you go by Tangier, the wing border formalities are arranged round the boat, this is an added advantage that the jump to Tangier. If you go, however, for Ceuta you take a taxi from the port to the border and there rellenáis documentation and are crossing to Morocco. After crossing the border you will have to pelearos with Moroccan taxi drivers willing to haggle a good price to take you wherever you wish.

If you go through Algeciras is important to know that by leaving the car at the port will charge € 18 per day. Although you can also leave a concourse next to the ferry terminal "controlled" by junkies and gorillas

It is better to leave the car outside outdoors, preferably in the parking lot of a hotel and from there to call a taxi (Radio Taxi Algeciras Tel: 956 60 60 60) to take you to the port that will cost about 5 €.

In Ceuta phone is Radio Taxi cabs Ceuta Tel: +34 956 51 54 06, this number should aim primarily for the return, because there are always taxis at the station.

Ceuta border is not a good place to walk alone at night. There are many junkies and say robberies also occur daily in the Spanish area, so it's best to avoid that area.

Ferries to Morocco and Ceuta
Comanav, Comarit, Nautas, Euro Ferrys, Transmediterranea, Balearia, Frs, Acciona

By air
There are numerous direct flights, some at amazing prices, Casablanca, Marrakech and Tangier with companies: Iberia, Royal Air Maroc, Atlas Blue, Easyjet, Ryanair, Andalus, Jet4you.

Now with low cost airlines you can get amazing deals on flights from Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Madrid, Sevilla and many other cities.