Morocco kilometric distances and times in cover

Morocco distances and time

In Morocco the kilometric distances cheat a lot when planning a trip, for this reason and after years of experience traveling in Morocco, we have allowed to perform this table that we hope will help to have clearer how long it takes to reach each site.

To avoid mistakes must think about an average of 50 kms / hr, especially when mountain ranges like the Rif and Atlas Curzan.

The only highway that crosses the country escapes from these estimates and you can afford to calculate an average of 90 kms / hr. But when I go near Casablanca, better go slow because there are donkeys, sheep and children regulamente cross through the middle of the highway and must remain vigilant.

Yet beware that still crossing, children, adults, dogs and cattle herds and should not exceed the posted speed, and there are speed controls (radar) every 20 kms, so it is not advisable to exceed 120 kms / hr.

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