Dates of the next Ramadan

 Ramadan Dates 2017


What is Ramadan? RAMADAN MOROCCO 04.

It is an obligation to be fulfilled by all Muslims. Every Muslim must fulfill a year the month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the lunar year.
Both men and women should stop eating (fasting), smoking, perfumed or having sex from sunrise to sunset.
All these prohibitions disappear at nightfall. The end of Ramadan is celebrated with great unique fiestas.Las exceptions are sick, travelers, children and pregnant women.

No one knows exactly when it starts rather have no idea, dates indicated here are m uy likely but not exact.
Ramadan lasts 29 days or so, but do not know when just exactly until it decides the religious leader from the nearest mosque, so until late do not know when it ends, giving it if possible even more morbid to the situation and kept the country in suspense.


  • Year era of the Hegira 1438
  • Ramadan Dates 2015: from May 27 to June 25 , 2017

Although travelers are exempted from following Ramadan, is not well seen the violation of its rules on the street.

The sale of alcohol in most liquor stores and licensed bars is prohibited. True, some are still open.
Most restaurants and cafes are closed during the day, opening work very slow and does not sell alcohol during those dates but are licensed.

If you are respectful of their rules, does not affect you not sell beer at one of the sites where there is and you go without smoking in the streets of ratitos you pasees, then fine.


If it is true that changes the environment from the rest of the year. During the day everything is quieter, slowed, especially first thing in the morning. Coffee shops are almost all closed, also trade. Little by little they are encouraging the streets.
A half day people start to take to the streets, to be encouraging more and more with people. Although almost all restaurants and bars are closed, but the shops are already open.
At about 6 pm begins the fuss, you have to look twice before crossing a street that drivers are like madmen to their homes to break the Ramadan, thinks that take all day without smoking, without food, without drink, not even water.
The mohacim calls to prayer from the minaret of the mosque, the pace of people and traffic is hectic. All are at home to eat some haste trying to sneak into the shops, spend ten to fifteen minutes and suddenly the rocket that announces the end of fasting and silence sounds arrives.


It´s seven o'clock. It seems as if it had paralyzed the country. They no longer see anyone on the streets, there are no police to monitor them, the only ones left on the streets are homeless and people with no family with whom to share these moments, these people could create you problems. The best at that time if you do not want to be attacked by some freak of those who are in tourist areas, is to book or bar that you have found open a shelter for half an hour, but if you go in group nor I have that pass anything.
After an hour or so at eight p.m. life again breaking the silence that had while everyone ate family harira and dates. And everything becomes excessive hyperactivity until midnight, but I know having breakfast at half past three.
They are curious new schedules of institutions and businesses, since it is impossible to send a registered letter or pay the electricity bill at half past nine, but you can do it at ten o'clock at night. As you can also buy in retail in the medina almost midnight.