Security in Morocco

Security in Morocco

I would say that Morocco is generally safe and especially for tourists, but do not be naive, personal safety precautions like putting the luggage and the money to good recaudo.Gendarmerie Royal Maroc.JPG be taken into account

It is unwise to move large amounts of cash or valuables, especially in big cities like Tangier, Fez and Marrakech.

Nor it is wise to pay a lot of money for things of little value. So the taco is better than bear hidden and not in the portfolio.

The hotels are safe and allow to leave the money saved before exiting.
Gendarmerie Royal Maroc.JPG

I recommend traveling with suitcases that have key and leave always locked up tight when you go out of the room. If you always would gain the same number you can check if you have tried to manipulate him in the hotel room.

If you travel by private car do not leave valuables in sight. Can romperos glass.

In Morocco there are two types of police: the gendarmerie, whose officers wear uniforms of gray handles controls the main roads, at intersections and at entrances to cities, like the Civil Guard mode.

On the other side is the Surete Nationale who wears navy blue uniform or civilian, equivalent to our national police. Either you can ask for the passport, which must be worn at all times.

The emergency phone police is No. 19. The Gendarmerie is the # 107.

Morocco is generally a safe country. There are police everywhere and its main task is to take care of tourism and avoid pillaje.Policia in Marruecos.

However it should be alert and wary of the many volunteer guides who offer to help. The picaresque exist and are very persistent. Many times we said no to these false guides and it's like give them equal.

I remember once in the medina of Fez were trying to break out of one of these volunteers and no way, every time we gave him the slip again we find five minutes at the end we gave as impossible and returned to the hotel to take you and let our walk for another time.

This is definitely something you have to live mainly in large cities. Assilah milder this inconvenience, but certainly there and that the best recipe that is not very politely and ignore the character in question.