Know what to see, what to visit and what to do when traveling to Ouarzazate

Suddenly they begin to appear, in a false foliage of oleanders, canyons and prickly pears that betray the proximity of a river that runs parallel to the last curves of this road of Morocco.

The shines that cast us dazzle. Gold and silver. We stop at the vera and we approach, rather, they approach us in a whirlwind, laden with beautiful stones of deceitful form that they spin in our hands. Hard and rough stones in the crust that reveal a quartz interior covered with gilt and flounder, like tiny magical caves. We are in Quarzazate, the land of quartz, the largest and most populous city on the road to Marrakech.

Information about Ouarzazate

This city of Marreucos surprises by its medieval defensive constructions, with a fantasy architecture that have made it stage of many films - to mention only three: Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars or Gladiator -, the Kasbah of Tifoltute, the Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, the citadel of Taourit, the gorges of the Todra and the Dades, where fortified villages and palm groves abound, authentic oasis - no mirages -, also featuring the only film studios in Morocco, the Atlas Studios, and The museum of cinema. Quarzazate is a city to stop for days.

We can not go by the way, perhaps thinking already of arriving in nearby Marrakesh, the goal of many trips that can make us forget all the wonders of Morocco that we can stop visiting on the way. The hotels are numerous and excellent in quality and since All prices as well as restaurants. We could mention the Mercure Hotel, the Hotel Kenzi Azghor, the Hotel Fint or the Hotel Perle du Sud.

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