Desert Tour From Marrakech - 4 days

Tour to Sahara desert  from Marrakech 4 days

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The Kasbah of Aït Ben Haddou , located about 30 km northwest of Ouarzazate , is one of the best preserved -if not the best- throughout the Moroccan territory. And the only place that , since 1987 , enjoys the status of world heritage site declared by UNESCO.

Visit the Gargantes of Todra. Tour on 4x4 from Marrakech to Ait Ben Haddou, Tineghir, Merzouga ( Sahara), Ouarzazarte and return to Marrakech , Call us at +34 954 224 241.

Do not wait for someone to tell you about it, live the same experience as going back in time . Discover the vastness of the Sahara Desert in the dunes of Merzouga. You will explore the most absolute silence, that is the silence of the Sahara. Meet types of life completely different from ours . Share with Berber families, Tuaregs, and other ethnicities, check the high level of hospitality offered to strangers . Enjoy the experience of being in distant places you can hardly forget. Live in the moment!

Marrakech. Experience the greatest show on earth in the palace of Jemaa el- Fna : jugglers , snake charmers , magicians and sorcerers , storytellers , acrobats , boxers, ... Get lost in the souks . Haggle in stores. Hear the crack of the looms , drift with the human tide and low domes, get lost in alleys end. You contemplate the Almohad sister Giralda minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque. Souks will captivate you .

Meet different types of cultures, and check the hospitality offered to visitors.

Final price per person

539 €

Price per person
(In double room)

People in the group Price per person (*)
2 539€
3 449€
4 399€
5 369€
6 349€

* Special prices for groups.


FIRST DAY : MARRAKECH - AIT BEN HADDOU - BOULMANE DE DADES  Marrakech Sahara 4x4 . Arrive in Marrakech.

  • Meeting with the 4 x 4 and the beginning of our journey to the great southern Morocco, for it will cross the majestic mountains of the High Atlas and the port of Tzi n Tichka , gateway to the wilderness which is 2260 meters high.
  • Proceed to Aït Ben Haddou which is one of the best preserved -if not the best- throughout the Moroccan territory. And the only one who , since 1987 , enjoys the status of world heritage site declared by UNESCO. Located about 30 km northwest of Ouarzazate , Ait Benhaddou was a key point, until well into the twentieth century , inside the caravan route that started from Marrakech via Telouet , which gave him wealth and prosperity. The adobe houses of very ornate coalesce into a strong defensive wall reinforced by towers.
  • We continue towards Boumalne Dades , the administrative capital of that region and where is the Valley of Roses inside of an Oasis
  • Dinner and overnight in Boulmane de Dades



  • Breakfast at the riad
  • We leave Boulmane to reach Tinerhir , which will receive us with an explosion of green that gives his palm Tinerhir, a long green snake slithers between rocky cliffs to reach the plain, where it continues as a colorful ribbon framed in a steppe plateau , which permeates the pupils traveler when he warns first
  • We will continue to Todra Gorges . There we can admire beautiful palm trees that help take the heat of these places. Continue to the Great Erg Chebbi " Very fine Dunes Desert Arena" where our camp and where you also have your first contact with the Sahara. Sunset in the Sahara.
  • The experience of seeing fall the last rays of sun in the Sahara is awesome. Overnight in haimas "Vintage Camel Hair " as used by Nomadic Desert and enjoy a Magic Night under thousands of stars
  • Dinner and overnight in tents in Merzouga.




  • Sunrise in the Sahara. Its dunes stretch to the horizon and some rising more than 150 m . The experience of seeing out the first rays of sun in the Sahara is awesome.
  • Today mandatory early for an unforgettable meeting with the dawn. We leave at night to see the sunrise from the dunes. We can admire the different shades that are acquiring the sand as the sun rises.
  • After a good Berber breakfast departure for a camel ride through the dunas. Departure to Ouarzazate , a former garrison of French troops , located in the southern part of the country, rich in agriculture and famous for its palm dates , roses growing on its banks and henna. This city is also a favorite of filmmakers great place, which has economically developed and has led to the creation of numerous related audiovisual companies , and employs many of its habitantes.Allí can visit Kasbah Taourirt that was the Main Palace of Glaoui , the great Pacha of southern Morocco
  • Dinner and overnight in Ouarzazate


  • Breakfast in the Riad and check -out.
  • Continue to Marrakech, the town that it gave the name to the country. Marrakech was during 200 years the hub of a great empire, and the achievements of illustrious buildings can be observed within the city´s walls
  • Arrive to Marrakech
  • End of our services.



  • Private transportation from Marrakech
  • 1 night in Boulmane de Dades, breakfast and dinner
  • 1 night in Merzouga in Luxury Tents, breakfast and dinner
  • 1 night in Ouarzazate, breakfast and dinner
  • Camel ride in the dunes
  • Management expenses, 15 €

  • Insurance cancellation fees, however this is available for purchase.
  • Single room supplement 90 € (except in the desert)
  • Beverages of the dinner must be paid directly to the waiters.
  • Lunches.
  • Tips.

Upcoming departures

  • Daily departures


It is mandatory to bring your Passport with the expiry date of  at least 6 months!

Sahara desert tour 4 days from Marrakech

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