Tangier and Assilah from Tarifa private visit - 1 day

Tarifa to Tangier and Asilah day tour

Enjoy our day trip to Tangier and Asilah from Spain and discover these two beautiful cities with this excursion.

Visit Tangierlocated in North Africa and only 9 miles away from Tarifa, Tangier evokes exotic and mystery thanks to it interesting history and legends embroidered by camels, long beaches, beautiful sunsets seated taking a tea,..but besides that, Tangier has a lot to offer! Visit the big and small Souk, the Alcazaba, the Mosques, the Medina,..

Visit Asilah, pearl of Atlantic Ocean, that stays quiet, between Portuguese walls that once closed it. City of poets and painters. Touched by the sea, Asilah is like an aquarelle at sunset, from the fort sightseeing with the promise that a beautiful sunrise will announce them a new day.

Enjoy the beauty of this small fishing village on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, famous for its many beaches. Taste the exquisite local food based on the finest fresh seafood. Shop and bargain in the bazaar. Experience another culture and the great hospitality offered to foreigners.

As you can see with this day trip to Tangier and Asilah from Spain you will enjoy a fantastic experience. A perfect day plan! 



Final price per person

119 €

Price per person

People in the group Price per person (*)
2 119€
3 95€
4 79€
5 69€
6 65€

* Special prices for groups.

Itinerary for the day trip to Tangier and Asilah

  • Pick up of Tarifa to pick up the boarding passes
  • 10:00 hrs. Departure in Fast-Ferry with destination to Tánger.
  • Arrive in Tánger, meet with the local guide and  start the tour.
  • We will make a walking tour of the medina, then a panoramic view of the city, including a stop to ride camels and passing through the palaces of the sheikhs and Arab kings, to reach Cape Spartel, where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet. One turquoise, the other darker. 
  • After the stop continue to Asilah, also known as the Pearl of the Atlantic.
  • Asilah quietly greets the visitor, a prisoner within the Portuguese walls that once surrounded her. It is a city of poets and painters, which shows that it was the birthplace of Raissuli, hero or villain, depending on who evokes him.
  • Free time in Asilah
  • 15.00 hrs Departure to the port of Tangier. Border formalities and boarding at Tarifa.
  • 17:00 hrs Departure from fast ferry.
  • 19:00 hrs Arrival to Tarifa approx.
  • End of services.
  • Fast-Ferry from Tarifa to Tánger, round trip
  • Guide for the visit to Tangier
  • Private transportation during the visits in Tangier and Assilah
  • Management costs, 9 €
  • Cancellation insurance fees (available for purchase)
  • Camel ride it costs around 1-2 €
  • Anything not specified in "price includes".

Upcoming departures

  • Daily departures


It is mandatory to bring your passport with the expiry date of  at least 6 months!


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