Excursions in Marrakech: The Jewel of Morocco

To say Marrakech is to say Yamaa el Fna. As in the towns of the Mediterranean, the life of this city revolves around its most famous square. Thanks to the excursions in Marrakesh (Morocco), you will discover how spectacular this place is during the day, with its acrobats, snake charmers, henna tattoo artists, walking dentists, water carriers and their wonderful freshly squeezed orange juice, Any of the numerous posts that are installed there.

In the evening, the experience of listening to the songs from the mosques can be described as magical. Installed in one of the terraces of the square, these excursions in Marrakech will allow you to see how the atmosphere changes in the afternoon, when restaurants, magicians, card-makers, storytellers ... Although the name of The square (Plaza de los muertos) has a chilling origin, there were exposed the heads of those executed, today is the best place to feel protagonists of a story of the thousand and one nights.

Excursiones por Marrakech MarruecosMarrakech, the pearl of the south or the red city, as they call it, is inherited from the Andalusian handicraft tradition, and most of its palaces and mosques were built in the 11th century with part of the booty that Sultan Yusuf bin Tachfin, First, and his son Ali brought from Al Andalus, turning it into capital of Morocco, until 1269.

Today, excursions to Marrakech, a key destination in Morocco, inspire oriental dreams, thanks to its wonderful Riads, palaces, bathrooms, gardens, and shops of the world's leading brands. A destination of luxury that everyone should know.

What to do

Viajes por Marrakech

Things to do in Marrakech

Plaza Yamaa el Fna, the Plaza as everyone knows is an hour of the day in the soul of Marrakech, which not in the pulse of the city, and where we will always find something different to see, according to the time of day we visit . Thanks to the work of the writer Juan Goytisolo, the Plaza de Marrakech has been classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Unesco.

Soup. From Yamaa el Fna Square we can access to the labyrinth of the souk. In the souk of Marrakesh, strolling disoriented, we can find the latest developments in Moroccan design. From here will come the best slippers, lamps, candles, bags ... we can find in the north of the country six months later. On your excursions to Marrakech (Morocco) do not miss the souk, the perfect place for the traveler to practice the art of bargaining. The streets are wide, and it is comfortable to walk between the stalls and shops, although it is true that the best time is the first in the morning to go shopping, since in the afternoon it is crowded with locals, who go to the souk To make their purchases as well.

Tanneries. Must visit any medina, if we want to see how the tanners work the skin of cow, goat and sheep before it becomes leather bags or slippers. Despite the bad smell, which will be alleviated with a bundle of fresh mint, a walk through the tanneries will show us a profession already forgotten in Europe.

The Kutubia mosque or booksellers' mosque, is with its tower, sister of the Giralda one of the symbols of Marrakech. You can not visit it, since only Muslims can do it, but from the outside it shows in all its splendor, surrounded by beautiful gardens.
Excursiones Marrakech

The palace Badi, the whim of Sultan Ahmed the Mansur, dates from the sixteenth century, is today a collection of ruins that merit a walk inside. In your travels in Marrakech you will be surprised by its subterranean passages that, in their day, served as stables and dungeons. The decaying walls of the palace accommodate stork nests, birds highly respected in Morocco, due to the Berber belief that they are transformed human beings.

Tombs Saadíes. Very close to the palace is the mausoleum of the Sadí dynasty, with royal tombs from the 16th and 17th centuries, wrapped in a beautiful garden. Hidden until the dawn of the twentieth century, they are a haven of peace and beauty within the swarm of the medina. They emphasize the room of the Twelve Columns, where they were buried the Sultan the Mansur and all his family.

Garden of the Menara. Extra walls of the city, after a long avenue of palm trees, you reach the gardens of the Menara. There lie in the shade camels that, for a small fee, we can ride for a pleasant walk. La Menara is a large Islamic garden, with a pond, a pavilion and fruit trees. Without a doubt, one of the essential destinations of the excursions in Marrakesh (Morocco). Its water reservoir, which formerly supplied the city, is now used as a stage background, for a nighttime spectacle of light and sound, of great beauty.

The ville nouvelle, or Guéliz, is the fruit of the passage of the French by Morocco. Designed by these at the beginning of the 20th century, it is the area where hotels, cafes, boutiques, restaurants, nightclubs, etc ... The "modern part" of the city, as the Marrakchis still call it, Arrival of the French, the city was reduced to the medina, always intramuros.

Recommended restaurants inMarrakech

Spanish cuisine in Marrakech

  • The house of Pranzo  71, rue Yougoslavie, Guéliz Tfno. 05 24 43 13 31
  • El Pescadero  16 rue Rahal Ben Ahmed, Guéliz Tfno. 05 24 43 96 71
  • Port Banus rue Ibn Hanbal, Guéliz Tfno. 05 24 44 65 34

Asian Cuisine

  • Dragon d'Or  10 bis, bd Zerktouni, Guéliz  Tfno. 05 24 43 06 17Kiotori  Bd. Mohamed VI  Tfno. 06 65 99 81 71

French cuisine

  • Le Grand Café de la Poste  place du 16 novembre, Guéliz   Tfno. 05 24 43 30 38
  • La Table du Marché Hôtel Hivernage, angle Haroun  Errachid et rue des Temples Tfno. 05 24 42 12 12
  • Le Pavillon   47, Derb Zaouia, Bab Doukala Tfno. 05 24 38 70 40

Indian cuisine

  • Salam Bombay  1 av. Med VI   Tfno. 05 24 43 70 83

International kitchen

  • RESTAURANT LE BLOCK International live international music disco place to drink and listen to blues and jazz .Rue Casa la Palmerais Marrakech. Especially if you are aharto of both Arabic.
  • Le Café du Livre,  restaurant littéraire  44 rue Tarik Ben Ziad  Tfno. 05 24 43 21 49
  • Casa Lalla  16 Derb Jamaa, médina  Tfno. 05 24 42 97 57
  • Dar Chérifa / Café  Littéraire 8 derb Cherfa Lakbir   Tfno. 05 24 42 64 63
  • Le Jacaranda  French cuisine, very elegant and adequate, ask for smoked salads and meats at 4 sauces 32, Boulevard Mohamed Zerktouni. Marrakech Tel 0524447215

Moroccan cuisine in Marrakech

  • OSCAR PROGRESS, pinchitos, kefta, y  Grilled food, grill type, next to the square of Jmaa el Fnaa Cuisine: Mediterranean, Moroccan economic but good quality. 20,  rue Bani Marine, Marrakech, Tel: 066 93 71 47
  • Dar Moha 81 rue Dar El Bacha, Médina
  • La Ferme Berbère  Km 9, route de l'Ourika
  • Le Foundouk  Souk El Fassi,  Kaat Ben Nahid, médina
  • Ksar el HAMRA , Cuisine: Moroccan with music and live entertainment 28, Riad zitoun Lakdim , sabt ben daoud, Marrakech 40000, Tel 05 24 42 77 42, www.restaurantksarelhamara.com
  • La Maison Arabe  1 Derb Assehbe, Bab Doukkala
  • El Bahia  1 rue Riad Zitoune Jdid, Médina
  • Al Fassia 55 bd Zerktouni, Guéliz
  • Dar Fez Moroccan food, located in an elegant riad in the medina, also of the Middle East.i 8, Derb Boussouni | Quartier Riad Laarous, Marrakech, Tel 05 24-38-23-40
  • Dar Marjana  15, derb Sidi Ali Tair, Bab Doukkala
  • Dar Mimoun  Riad Zitoun el kedim,Derb Ben Amrane

Fish and Seafood

  • AL BARIYA, Fresh fish treated of the coast, very economic and a magnificent quality. If you sit down and do not indicate otherwise, they serve a varied fried house, highly recommended. nº 75 BIS Avenue Moulay Rachid. Gueliz. Marrakech Tel 0526846186
  • Langoustine Ang bd Med V, rue de Sourya  Tfno. 05 24 43 85 54
  • Chez Coco 13, bd Abdelkrim Khattabi, Guéliz  Tfno. 05 24 43 57 76
  • Riad des Mers 11 derb Sidi Messaoud, Bab Yacout  Tfno. 05 24 37 53 04


  • CAFE ARABE 184, rue Mouassine | Medina, Marrakech, Marruecos 0524/429728 | www.cafearabe.com
  • AFRICAN CHICK, 6 Rue Oum arabia, Gueliz Marrakech. Tel 0524431424. Live music very very lively

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