3 Day Trip to Fez - 4* Hotel


Trip to Morocco on the LONG WEEKEND IN NOVIEMBRE to Chefchaouen, Fez, and Meknes from SEVILLA.

Stay in a 4 * Hotel 

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The history of Meknes is inextricably linked to Moursay Ismail, the founder of the ALmaueite dynasty. Moulay Ismail built in this construction was walls, sumptuous palaces, mosques, mederasas, gardens and fountains, which still today surprise us by its beauty and variety. 

Fez founded in the ninth century by Idris II, it has the oldest Medina in Morocco and one of the largst in the entire Maghreb, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1981. 

Fez is a divided city, clearly differentiated in 3 zones, that preserve traditions lost in the Western World, such as the tanners hand-crafted furs. A work that has been done in Fez for centuries. 

Strolling through the labyrinthine streets of Fez transports you to past worlds in which potters, forgers, and craftsmen live at pease with visitors. It never ceases to surprise visitors the wonderful people, aromas and smells that flood the city and create the uniqie atmosphere. 

Chefchaouen is the quietest place in Northern Morocco. It is better here to spend hours savoring the delicious mint tea, sitting on a terracce in the square, and ignoring the passing of time. Try not to be haste in this town and enjoy the peace. As in every charming place, tourism has developed here, and with this new hotels and restaurants have been proliferate,  although the medina and atmosphere of Uta el Hammam Square are still amazing places that you should explore. 


Final price per person

269 €

Price per person
(In double room)

Itineray for Trip to Fez - 3 days from Seville


  • 05:30 hrs. Meeti in Seville, Portugal Pavilio, Gloriets del Cid
  • 05:45 hrs. Departure for Tarifa  
  • 09:00 hrs. Departure on the Fast ferry to Tangier. From the deck of the ship you can see the splendor profile of the hills of the city, dominated by two high towers" The Mosque of Mohammed V and that of the Spanish Cathedral. In the background, among the mrmur of the waves,  one can often hear the calling to prayer by the muessin, and that is when we know we have arived in our destination; Morocco, the country of the senses. 
  • When we arrive at the port of Tangier, we will meet our Moroccan guide, who will tell us where we can change euros to dirhams in the port banks. Afterwards, we will continue our route to Chefchaouen, located in the only intercontinental natural park, which was declared a biosphere natrue reserve. Chefchaouen is a village hanging on the mountain, white and blue, with wise, friendly, and respectful people. The town also offers us beautiful urban panoramas, and amazing displays of craftsmenship and a peace and serenity that today is hard to find. 
  • Visit of the city with local guide 
  • We continue our journey through Fez, the first of the Imperial Cities, it was founded in the 9th century by Idris II, and has the oldest Medina in Morocco, one of the largest in the entire Magrheb declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1981. Fez is a divided city , which has 3 zones, that each preserve traditions lost in the Western world. Strolling through the labyrinthine streets of Fez transports you to past worlds in which potters, forgers, and craftsmen live at pease with visitors. It never ceases to surprise visitors the wonderful people, aromas and smells that flood the city and create the uniqie atmosphere. 
  • Actually, Fez is three cities in one. The new city, founded by the French in 1920, Fez el Bali and Fez el Jedid or Fez la Nueva, which are extensions of the previous city, made under the Benimerines dynasty in the 13th century. It is a medeival labyrinth with more than 9,400 streets that make of the city of Fez the Bali, making the area the most attractive in Fez. The different professional guilds that coexist there are distributed in different neighborhoods according to the specialty they practice. There is a neighborhood of artisans, that of potters, forgers, tailors, and more. Getting lost in the souk of Fez becomes a pleasure for the senses and you can be carried away by instinct and smell. The sinuous and very narrow streets and houses, which are very higih , allow a few rays of sunshine to shine through, creating lights patterns and myterious shadows; something that increases the feeling of being in another world.  
  • Arrival at the hotel and distribution of rooms
  • Dinner at the hotel 

November 2nd:  FEZ

  • Desayuno en el hotel 
  • Strolling through the labyrinthine streets of Fez transports us to past worlds in which potters, forgers and craftsmen live together with the foreign visitor, who never ceases to be surprised by observing the people and sniffing the multiple aromas and smells that flood the atmosphere of this city.
  • 09:00 hrs. Salimos para realizar una  visita con guía local de la ciudad de Fez. Comenzaremos con un panorámica de la ciudad, incluyendo las tumbas Merinides. Después visitaremos Fez el Jedid, incluyendo la plaza de los Alaouitas, exteriores del Palacio Real y Dar el Makhzen.   Continuaremos hacia la visita a pie de Fez el Bali. Visitaremos el zoco de especias de Attarin, el zoco de la Jenna. Llegaremos a la plaza de Nejjarin donde se encuentra el founduk del mismo nombre y visitaremos la madraza de Bounania. Continuaremos hacia la plaza Es Seffarin para acabar la mañana en el barrio de los curtidores y ver las tenerías. 
  • We will leave for a visit with a local guide of the city of Fes. We will start with a panoramic view of the city, including the Merinides tombs. Afterwards we will visit Fez el Jedid, including the Alaouitas Square, exteriors of the Royal Palace and Dar el Makhzen.   We will continue towards the walking tour of Fes el Bali. We will visit the spice souk of Attarin, the souk of Jenna. We will arrive at Nejjarin Square where the founduk of the same name is located and visit the Bounania madrasah. We will continue to es Seffarin square to finish the morning in the tanners' neighborhood and see the you would have.
  • Mirrors, perfumes, chickens, pigeons, silverware, gold, babuchas, sandals, chigils, drums, vegetables, fruits, pottery, ceramics, forgings, herbs (nothing illegal), spices, portraits of the king, cereals, books, glassware and everything imaginable, everything, it's here. The constant rattling of the donkeys, loaded with goods from various origins, transports you to another world only broken by the cry of "barak" with which the owner of the animal warns the passers-by of the passage of the donkey.
  • Return to the hotel  
  • Free time 
  • Dinner at the hotel 


  • Breakfast at the hotel and Check-out 
  • 7:30 hrs. Leave for the town of Meknes. The history of Meknes is inextricably linked to the person of Moulay Ismail, founder of the Aluita  dynasty. He was an ambitious, visionary, and brilliant architect, he remodeled and embellished thecity in the example of Louis XIV of France , to create a "Moroccan Versailles". Moulay built in Meknes this construction, along with walls, sumptuous palaces, mosques, medersas, gardens, and fountains, which have immense beauty and variety.  
  • Visit of the city of Meknes and then continue to Tangier, stopping en route to ride camels
  • Arrival at the port. Border procedures, post-boarding
  • 18:0hrs. Leave on Fast Ferry for Tarifa. 
  • Leave from Tarifa  
  • Transportation to Seville 
  • 23:3hrs. (aprox.) Arrival in Seville 
  • End of Services 


  • Transportation - Seville - Tarifa (round-trip) 
  • Fast-Ferry Tarifa to Tánger (round-trip) 
  • Accompanying tour guide during the trip 
  • Port Fees 
  • Guided tour of Chefchaouen, Fez, and Meknes
  • Transportation for visits in Morocco
  • 2 nights in Hotel Menzeh Zalagh 4* (or similar), in Fez (half-board) 
  • Basic assistance insurance for the trip 
  • Management fees 
  • Cancellation fee insurances, though we inform you that this is available for addtional purchase of this for 20 euros
  • Drinks at lunches and dinners 
  • Supplement single room 70 € 
  • Anything not specified in Price Includes 

The expected hotels are subject to change due to majeure force, maintaining a similar or higher category.

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Passport MUST be carried on your person during the trip, and have an expiration date with of more than 6 months. The organizing agency assumes no responsibility for this, and will not return any amount to any client not in compliance with this requirement.